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Scott "Scotty Too Hottie" Hamilton:  Percussion and all noise making things, BBQ Pit Master

Matt Küss:  Bass

Rene "Guitarrista":  Guitars, Vox


Hedonistic, cuz were not sadistic, but more so spiritualistic.

Punk, cuz we don't give a fuck, and sometimes we get a little crunk.

Vatos, cuz we're a three-man band, a three-man gang, brothers from another mother. 



Hedonistic Punk Vatos was founded by Rene Guitarrista, and (former) bassist, Ray "Rayzorblanez" Herrera (Hall of Fame Page), on a cool September evening in 2011.

Two years later, Richard Scott "Scotty Too Hottie" Hamilton joined the band.

After a few lineup changes, the Hedonistic Punk Vatos is currently (hopefully lastly) made up of Rene, Scott, and Matt.

The band plays attitude heavy rock & roll with a little bit of punk, a little bit of metal, and a little bit of classic rock thrown in.

Playing music isn't a fad for us. This isn't a hobby nor a small thing; playing and creating music is a way of life for us. We've been playing since we were children, teenagers, young men, and now older men.  We'll be playing until the day we die. 


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