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"Scotty Too Hottie"

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Drummer and Pit Master


I've been playing drums since I was 12 on again off again in different bands. Some worth mentioning and some not worth mentioning.  So I won’t mention them LOL! 


I like big kits and I cannot lie.  LOL!  My drums these days are Tama Rockstars: a mid-90’s model from when Tama still owned the name. They have the birch shells with the misty chrome finish.


Tom sizes are 8”, 10”, 12”, 13”, and 14”.  Floor toms are 16”, and 18”.  The bass drum is 22” and I have a 14” Tama Metalworks snare, and two different cowbells and a tambourine on the hi-hat.


There is a fundamental joy I find in playing in front of a crowd. At 12, I got my first kit; a 5pc Slingerland in Marine Pearl finish with Zildjian cymbals.  Decided I needed more and added 2 more.   And more and more.  LOL!


Cymbals are a combination of Paiste 2002’s and Sabians with a Wuhan Chinese-type.  The whole kit is held together by a Pearl icon square rack.  Keeps me busy.


Cymbal sizes 

24 "  2002 ride 

20"   2002 heavy crash 

18"   Sabian Chad Smith sig crash 

18"   2002 crash 

17.5 AAX Sabian crash 

16"   2002 crash 

14 "  Sabian El Sabor crash 

18"   Wuhan crash 

10 "  2002 splash 

10"   Mienel splash 

10"   Pearl crash.  ( this cymbal ) I had back when I was a kid, my brother bought it for me so it's more of a  sentimental thing than the others. 

My favorite band?  Besides this one?  LOL! 


Ok top 5. In no particular order…



Iron maiden 


Head East 


Honorable mention:  Van Halen 


Influential drummers

Gene Krupa 

Neil Pert 

Simon Phillips 

Carter Buford 

Billy Cobham 


No Buddy Rich!  IMHO, too overrated.  Gonna burn for that one.  Why?  Because it's not his talent, there are drummers just as good that never got the press he did.  It is how it is.  Hopefully some day I can be half as good as him and get the same amount of press! 


I have always considered my playing as a work in progress, you are always learning.  Talent is only part of the equation.  It's what you DO with that talent that matters.  No matter how good or bad it is, it wont do you any good unless you get out there and Rock.  Yes I may age, but I refuse to mature!  LOL!

Scotty Too Hottie
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